Are you ready to make a change, but find yourself resisting? Are you questioning the value of therapy, searching instead for a solution-focused approach to help you transition, move up or move on?

Whether you’re an individual seeking a richer, more fulfilling life or a leader focused on maximizing your potential or the performance of your team, Phyllis will help you…

  • Envision a brighter future, clearly and intentionally
  • Create a road map for change that leverages your strengths
  • Eliminate obstacles in your path, including emotional barriers
  • Gain momentum as you celebrate milestones along the way

Coaching, unlike therapy, doesn’t dwell on past issues. Instead, this action-oriented process helps you develop strategies that align with your vision and stay the course when obstacles get in your way. Working collaboratively with Phyllis, you’ll clarify values and intentions, deepen insight and motivation, build competence and skill, and transform conscious choice into accelerated action. Weekly or bi-monthly phone or in-person sessions hold you accountable and in-focus to achieve your goals.

Here’s what a few clients achieved after working with Phyllis…

University administrator breaks free to redesign a fulfilling life…I had grown extremely dissatisfied with my career and had no sense of what would bring meaning to my life. Phyllis encouraged me to explore, to play, and to rediscover a renewed sense of purpose and passion. Working with Phyllis gave me the courage to break free from other people’s opinions and develop a deeper level of self-trust and self-confidence. Today I’m doing everything I love – building my own consulting practice, getting my pilot’s license, dabbling in politics, traveling the world – but most importantly, living a truly authentic life.

Fortune 500 executive achieves life balance…The decision to balance my personal life and work came at an extremely challenging time. During this period, I took on increased responsibilities of an out-placed boss and accepted a new assignment reporting directly to the company president. At the same time, 35% of my staff was eliminated. With Phyllis’ help, I amazingly reduced my travel schedule, increased family time, and established healthier eating habits for myself within six months. In addition, I grew more centered and confident in relating to others. Phyllis is a dynamic coach who helped me focus on what is really important in life.

Phyllis’ expertise has been shaped by an extraordinary 35-year career in the fields of education, business, and human development, but most especially from significant life-altering events, including a solo journey around the world.  A lifelong learner, Phyllis became one of the first Professional Certified Life Coaches in Atlanta before earning the designation of Master Certified Coach in 2006 from the International Coach Federation.  She’s earned the respect of corporations such as Nissan-USA, Starwood Hotels, and CryoLife and been acknowledged for her work with non-profits and institutions of higher education, including Georgia State University and Georgia Institute of Technology.

To learn how Phyllis can help you create what you deeply desire, email her at or call 678-360-6018 for a complimentary phone consultation.

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