Phyllis Carrera is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Executive Life Coach who believes in a wellness model of psychotherapy. Deeply empathic and intuitive, Phyllis gets to the heart of her clients’ concerns quickly, and then tailors her relational approach to best meet their needs.

As a therapist, Phyllis supports individuals navigating difficult life transitions, including divorce or break-ups,  dysfunctional family issues, loss of a loved one, career change, retirement or any life-altering event that causes distress, anxiety, fear, depression or grief.

As a coach, Phyllis helps her clients overcome obstacles that inhibit success, align their values with life and career goals, and take action to create a meaningful and healthy lifestyle. Master Certified in 2006, Phyllis has helped hundreds of people transform their lives with courage, commitment and grace.

Significant accomplishments Phyllis’ clients have achieved include…

  • Learning effective ways to handle distress, anxiety, or anger
  • Letting go versus holding on when it’s time to say goodbye
  • Creating healthier, more satisfying intimate partnerships
  • Breaking codependent and enabling patterns of behavior
  • Setting boundaries with loved ones to increase peace of mind
  • Strengthening self-worth, self-esteem, and self-compassion
  • Living a more balanced, healthy, and stress-free lifestyle
  • Moving through depression to a deeper place of meaning
  • Grieving past hurts and coming to a place of forgiveness

Phyllis’ integrative approach to counseling and coaching has been shaped by an extraordinary 30+year career in the fields of education, business, and human development, but more importantly, by the teachers, coaches and therapists who helped her overcome life’s difficulties and find the truth within herself.

To meet Phyllis directly and deepen your understanding of how she helps clients heal, change and grow, tune into GBDNtv on YouTube.

A life-long learner, Phyllis earned her B.S. in Education in 1978, achieved the designation of Professional Certified Coach in 2000 and Master Certified Coach in 2006, and received her graduate degree in Professional Counseling from Georgia State University in 2010. She became a Voice Dialogue facilitator in 2001, and achieved the certification of Psychodrama facilitator in 2012. She is a skillful facilitator of mindfulness-based therapies and experiential methods, and collaborates with other practitioners to create a holistic healing process for her clients.

Personally, Phyllis enjoys photography, spending time in nature, cooking for friends, and traveling for fun to places near and far. The most significant “journey” of her life was in 1998 when she left Corporate America and traveled solo around the world. Upon her return, she realized her true purpose in life–to help others overcome life’s difficulties and find their way into a happier, healthier future.

For additional information, or to schedule a virtual appointment with Phyllis, contact her at phyllis@phylliscarrera.com or 678-360-6018.

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