2013-11-3-Maple-Leaves-2SEASONS OF RENEWAL Growth Group

The notion that our lives are like the eternal cycle of the seasons does not deny the struggle or joy, the loss or gain, the darkness or light, but encourages us to embrace it all and to find in all of it the opportunity for growth. —Parker J. Palmer

Opportunity for growth awaits us at key junctures in life. Time passes and we find ourselves in “unexpected places” asking, Why me? What now? What next? We want to move forward, but the path is unclear. We feel stuck, confused, fearful or overwhelmed. We know we need to make a change—but how?

By participating in this supportive group process, you’ll learn to navigate the future by first embracing the here and now. You’ll gain insight by engaging in thought-provoking exercises and discussions. You’ll receive empathy and encouragement that facilitates personal growth. The following touchstones will pave the way to a place of new beginnings.

  • AWARENESS: Where am I now?
  • DESIRE: What do I truly want?
  • TRUTH: What’s getting in my way?
  • COURAGE: What will I release or risk?
  • COMMITMENT: What choices will I make?

Next group: TBD

WHEN: Contact Phyllis for specific dates / times

INVESTMENT: $350.00 for 9 hours of group counseling / peer support.

For additional information, contact Phyllis at 678-360-6018.