You’re ready for a change, for your life to get better. Whether you’re facing a situational challenge, struggling with a longstanding problem, or stuck in a place that you can no longer bear, a therapeutic relationship can help you change your life.

The relationship between counselor and client is a proven factor in successful therapeutic outcomes. It is important to understand a therapist’s approach, but more than theory or technique, it is the positive emotional bond between client and counselor that typically has the greatest impact on an individual’s ability to change.

This bond, coupled with clearly defined goals, sets the stage for success. Phyllis contributes her success as a therapist to the bond she creates with her clients. One client shared this thought at the end of a year-long therapeutic relationship with Phyllis…

openclosebudsThe big turning point for me was during my first session with you. I felt understood for the first time in my life. My heart opened with you and you saw it. Instead of seeing the dark hole I saw, you saw beauty and truth. And you haven’t let me push that away despite all of my doubts and fears. You hugged me, and I felt your faith in me.

This bond was the first step in getting to the root of her client’s challenge. From there, Phyllis integrated appropriate therapeutic methods that met her client’s needs. This integrative approach, referred to as technical eclecticism, allows the therapist to select the best treatment for the person and the problem, instead of trying to fit the client into a model that may or may not align with his or her beliefs, personality, or preferences.

During sessions, you’ll explore your inner life, just as this client did, with curiosity and courage. In time, you’ll gain greater self-acceptance and step over a hurdle you feared crossing before. You’ll discover the freedom to speak your mind with confidence, to genuinely feel what needs to be expressed, and examine the challenges you face and the choices you have with the help of a trusted, caring collaborator who is fully invested in you.

Together, you’ll determine a course of action that integrates your insight into day-to-day reality. With encouragement, you’ll break free from habitual patterns of living that no longer serve you and clear painful emotions that are ready to be released.

YOU will change. Life will get better.

To learn more about Phyllis’ philosophy of change, read excerpts from her blog. For more information on her training and experience, visit the “About” page. But most importantly, to discover if Phyllis is the right therapist for you, call her at 678-360-6018 to schedule a complimentary phone session. Available for tele-health only.

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